Brandon Bays

My original healing journey began by reading 'The Journey' by Brandon Bays and I went on to become a Journey Practitioner in 2004. It was 'The Journey' and Reiki that paved the way for me to start on my own journey of self discovery which has changed my life in so many positive and empowering ways.

From living in a bedsit to owning my own beautiful rainforest property and working at a backpackers selling tours for years (which was fun!) to living my passion, guiding clients to uncover their own personal truths and realise their full potential.

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The Journey works on both physical and emotional issues as you are guided into your body to uncover old cell memories and limiting patterns. Using the process you are encouraged to clear them out completely through forgiveness, letting the body begin a deep healing process resulting in joy and freedom and a much more conscious way of living and relating to others.

Cost: A$250 per session