Learninf Meditation

The benefits that can be experienced through the inner understanding and stillness that meditation offers include reduced stress, increased happiness and spontaneity, improved sleep and a greater sense of self awareness.

4 Week Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Course

This meditation course is designed for complete beginners of meditation and/or people who would like to make meditation a more regular practice. In a small relaxed group you will be practising different meditation techniques and encouraged to make meditation a daily practice. Julie has been teaching meditation for 6 years and you will be given notes for each session.

Whats included:

Intermediate Meditation Course

Contact Julie for details.

Private Meditation Classes at Rainforest Reiki

For one-to-one tuition or if you have a small group of friends and would like to learn to meditate come and enjoy private sessions which include:

Private Meditation Classes in your own home

If you would like Julie to come to your home and teach your family or a small group please contact her. The cost is $120 per session and 4 sessions are suggested to cover the 6 week course.

Reiki Practice & Meditation Day