Learning Reiki
Learning Reiki

There are many reasons to learn reiki. The system contains many tools for self development and helps us let go of worry, anger & fears, allowing us to become more balanced and calm so we can make clear choices & decisions in our lives. With practice you can also facilitate treatments on friends, family and pets.

There are 3 levels in the traditional system of Japanese Reiki. Reiki I Shoden to develop an understanding of what reiki is, it's background and experience simple techniques & meditations that can be practiced daily. Reiki 2 Okuden deepens your connection to the energy and gives you the opportunity to practice professionally should you wish to do so.

Once you have mastered the techniques of Shoden and Okuden, Reiki 3/Teacher Shinpiden takes you to the final level.

All courses are taught in small personalised groups in the relaxing rainforest environment of Rainforest Reiki, Bayview Heights.

As part of each course you will receive a full instruction manual, morning and afternoon tea and a Reiki certificate.