“I’ve gained increased confidence, trust and clarity in giving Reiki and at the same time experienced the depths that Reiki can take you too.”

Cairns - Reiki 3
Master Student

Reiki III

The final level of traditional Japanese reiki training. You will have completed Shoden and Okuden and want to take your personal practice further or would like to teach reiki to others. This will be the next step on your reiki journey.

For students other lineages, I recommend you do a refresher course or private sessions with me to learn the techniques & meditations. You can then practice them before you attend Shinpiden.

What you will learn

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Cost: A$950

Private Reiki Lessons
You may have learnt Reiki years ago or are a Reiki Master in the Western Reiki system. Whatever level you are maybe you are curious to know more about the Japanese system of Reiki, relating to the energy not just as a concept but as a self development tool to uncover your true nature and potential. During private sessions I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and go through meditations and equip you with tools you can use in your own life and in time, pass onto your own students.

Cost: A$75 per hour