“Calmness in my being, oneness, being with like-minded people and feeling the love within as well as everywhere. It was perfect, this is a beautiful weekend in my life, thank you..”

Reiki I Student


Receive a relaxing reiki treatment at Bayview Heights, Cairns. Julie is currently visiting family and bookings can be made from 30 July by email.

The benefits include:

treatment prices

45 Minute Treatment

After an initial consultation with Julie you will receive a relaxing 45 minute reiki treatment.
Cost: A$60 (1 treatment)
A$160 (3 treatments)

1 Hour Treatment

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The most popular is a one hour treatment to give that feeling of well being and balance... After an initial consultation you will receive a full hour’s treatment.
Cost: A$75 (1 treatment)
A$200 (3 treatments)

1.5 Hour Treatment

Feeling very stressed, tired and emotional this treatment is for you... After an initial consultation you will receive a full 1.5 hours treatment.
Cost: A$120 (1 session)
A$340 (3 sessions)

1.5 Hour Treatment with Learning Meditation

Learn to meditate using easy Japanese techniques and receive a 50 minute Reiki treatment.
Cost: A$120 (1 session)
A$340 (3 sessions)

Birthday & Gift Vouchers Available


30 minutes Kids Treatment Section

Children also suffer from stress and can be very sensitive emotionally. Reiki is an excellent way to help your child relax. It has been known to assist with behaviour problems, sleeping difficulties and anxiety.
Cost: A$45

Distant Reiki Treatments

At times it may not be convenient to come for a treatment at Rainforest Reiki. You may be living away from Cairns or feel too sick to travel. A distant healing is a wonderful way to experience reiki and can be arranged at a time that is convenient for you. This session is done whilst Julie is in meditation. Each session is 30 mins long.
Cost: A$45

Julie also offers pick up/return transport from the city.
Cost: add A$20


Reiki is something you can also treat domestic and wild animals with. Animals are very sensitive to the energy and once used to it usually respond enthusiastically. Julie offers 30 mins distant healings for your pet. Please send a photo with your pets name and any other information that may be useful. If you are interested in home visits please contact me.

Cost: A$45